About Rapid Reflection

Want to hear our story ? Read on…

Rapid Reflection is a brand that was created by, and currently owned and distributed by Reformed Car Care Ltd, which makes up part of Reformed Group Limited.

The company itself started out with a workshop performing mechanicing and valeting, over the years we took away the mechanicing services and instead created a workshop dedicated to valeting and detailing.

The work being carried out was that good, customers started to ask what products we were using, so we started to stock them and sell when customers were interested. We carried on with the valeting and detailing, and we were using a range of products, some well known brands, and some you may have never heard of, we just always ran into one problem.

One brand could have a brilliant traffic film remover, wheel cleaner and tar & glue remover, but their iron fallout, spray wax and polish were terrible, the same with the next brand, they have a brilliant snowfoam and plastic dressing, but a terrible all purpose cleaner and tyre dressing. Back then, like most businesses, we were buying 2-3 products of one brand, 2-3 off another and another 2-3 off another again, and none of the prices were in line, which meant there was more time looking for good products, and more money going towards them.

So, we decided to try and end all that by creating a brand, with nothing but excellent quality products. So far, with our own testing, independent testing and our customer reviews, we’ve succeeded.

We now have a professional brand, containing premium level products, with extremely high (hard to beat) dilution rates, accompanied with fantastic prices.